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Less Angry post

Look what I found!:


Very thought provoking! And its true, Celery DOES have "negitive" calories- it takes more calories to digest them you can use from it! of course the sodium in it will cause water retention negating that fact....

Damn, maybe we should all give up and give into the WALL-E Way of life....

Im in a FOUL mood

Extra foul. This weekend was tough, i aint gunna lie. I had a GREAT time Saturday in the later part of the day, but for the most part Im pretty pissed at life.

So yes, Friday i was tired. An overnight babysitting does that to you. I walk in the door around 7:30 and find a meal in the fridge and my mom comes in and imediatly starts on the fact that my sister is still out of vehicles and mom PROMISED her she could use my car. I told her Im prolly not buyng the CRV so im gunna have to give it back and its a fucking explosion. Well, now moms a liar and she;s just gunna have to be without a truck, and blah blah blah, I cry and she storms out. Im so not hungry anymore.

Oh ya, and the trucks check engin light is on and it has to be smoged by friday. cant smog the damn thing with the light on. and Did wont get off his fucking ass.

So i leave, with my car, and go sit at the mall and download a wifi battle, so i can murder some annoying animals in virtual reality. Im 1/2 way through battle 1 and i get a call, Tess is coming by, needs car, oh never mind thats right, mom has to give up her truck blah blah blah. I cry, scream at the phone and drive home. i throw said phone next time it rings 4 minutes later. I look at it when i get home, 13 MESSAGES. OMG, i can WALK to the mall.

I throw all the keys to every vehicle on the counter and go to my room and cry till i fall asleep.

Saturday im supposed to host a mary kay thing and partilight thing. i wake up with the worst sinus/stress headache EVER int he HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. No, Im not exsagerating. I cry some more, shower and go to the farmers market for food and target for chips for party. When i return home i clean, and yelled at for vacuming before i finish my lunch (she comes in whining about her shoulder, dragging vacume, dumps it in front of me and runs out. thats a sign to FUCKING VACUME NOW, right?) I cry more and toss the rest of breakfast/lunch in garbage because Im no longer hungry.

Bon calls, They have hula, no their coming, no they have hula, no their coming. I chug Psuedaphed like it going out of style, followed by claritin knock off, followed by ibuprophen, followed by a tangerine. yum. Bon and kate arrive. Flea comes! No one else shows. OUT OF 30 PEOPLE INIVTED. They dont come. i do the class anyway, fuck it, and B and K actually like the product (yay!) and want some! YAY!

We decide i need to go to the bar, as do they, so we get cute. B and K cant cash their finacial aide because of SHITHEADS who fake checks, bon crys on the phone and flea and i head out to bar. I forget i need gas and to feed those fuzzy goat things i own. its not to late for dance lessons :( but B and K are ready. So i go back and get them YAY!

Bar was good. I forced two guys to dance with me, saw Ishah and Alison, looked at lots of Wrangler butt (always good) and didnt spend to much. So home and to bed.

Get up to early Sunday and more car issues. more head pain. more pills to make me happier. I have no IDEA how long Tess will have my car, have to give the CRV back eventually so Kat can sell it, Dads lame, Moms playing Martyr, I wanna go back to wifi mall and eat crap. because Im not fat enough right? (by the way, the reason i have to go to the MALL FOR WIFI is FATHER FUCKING DEAREST wouldnt look at the damn wifi for 6 FUCKING WEEKS.) So i go and mom wants to go. so an hour later she's ready (as usual) and im starving and we go and eat subway. yum. we wonder around and i need to find a black jacket for MK work, and none in the mall that are 1. Cheap, 2. cheap or 3. Look good. so I wanna go to ross, mom wants to go to, but I HAVE to take her home first to check her email. -_- back at home, another fight with the old man in the house, call from Sister who doesnt even say THANKS for me changing my life around for her to use my CAR, instead i get SHITTY remarks about gas. ya, fuck you to. Im workin my ASS off to keep everyone in a FUCKING vehicle, you can be FUCKING GRATEFUL. Another hour later we go to Ross, I find a perfect jacket and can afford it (woot!) and some jeans, since I out holes in 2 pair in 2 days. also find a silk screen kit for $11! lets see if it works!! so ya, that was good. the sad thing is that I realize i need to loose like 30 lbs. T_T Im so fat. and some brands of pants will make you want to kill yourself. I tried on 5 pairs of size 10 jeans, 1 pair i couldnt get my calf in, and 3 pairs i couldnt zip and the pair i bought were alittle loose. HOW IS THAT FAIR? I washed them hot so they will fit nice, but still. Get home, more car drama from the old man, i ride his ass about wifi for a while untill i say fuck it and call Paula to see if Greggipoo can do it. This hurt the old mans pride and guess what? I have WIFI! WIN.

At some point in those days there was a fight about lumpia fillings and wrappers, frying oil and sauce. I pointed and laughed and got shamed into my room. there also were fights about the truck that was on fire.

So lets fast forward to this AM. 1 AM to be specific. The neighbor across from me Randy moved out, and his house is mostly empty.  but his aram works. Oh BOY does his alarm work. The FUCKER who tried to break in is DAMN LUCKY he ran off before I GOT OUTSIDE. At first i was afraid it was the CRV alarm, and i figured thats what i needed, to replace a window on the damn thing for Kat. So i did the clicky out the door to shut it up, and realized it was way to loud for a car alarm. I put on some pants and a jacket and wondered outside with the biggest 1970s flashlight we own ready to cave someones head in. Lucky for them Robert was up first with his gun. Sheriff was called, they said we werent allowed to go inside untill they got there. So and HOUR LATER they arrive, alarm blazing the whole time, my ear drums crying. FUCKING SHERIFF. they dont give a flyinf fuck about anyone but their bottom line. go to hell sheriffs DEPT. -_- they seived Randys Air riffle that was in a closet, guess he forgot he had it, and claim they ouldnt get ahold of him so he would have to go get it from their office. More $$ int heir fucking pockets, right? So ya, no fingerprints taken, no search, just seize the victums crap and leave. I just about threw the 10 lbs flashlight into their windsheild at this point.

So ya, about 3 am i finally fell asleep and 6 am the alarm when off. scared the poor hermit crab, and of course they were playing one of those terrible songs about kids dying. I turned off the radio, and got ready.

And when i get to work? the kids wont finish their pancakes because i wont give them more syrup. i seize pancakes and garret gives me the shitty little "I'll eat it tomarrow with syrup." I snap and chuck all pancakes, even the left overs into the garbage disposal. "Nope, no pancakes this week., you wont eat them. We'll have wheat toast." "With jelly?" "Nope. You dont eat it."

Im so terrible, but fuck im on a back mood.

HOLY cow, how many times did i just drop the f-bomb? prolly the most in my LIFE.

Sorry, angry girl today.

PS, appearently a rim job is the new blow job. This is why i dont listen to the radio. i quickly switched back to my dear podcasts.

Writer's Block: Leftovers of leftovers

What's the most unusual food you have ever eaten? Have you ever consumed anything without knowing precisely what it was and gotten sick when you found out?

DAMNIT!!! 3 FUCKING TIMES IVE WRITIN THIS JOURNAL! I post and it goes away. ARG!!!! Ok, so THE WEIRDEST THIS IVE EATEN- AGAIN. Prolly the baby turtle fetus candy we ate in class. the teacher brought it and didnt tell us what it was, i guess they candy them in their eggs. I laughed and laughed, the vegi-heads were crying and dry heaving... oh how i laughed. Also right up there with those is the River Fish Stomach (tastes like chicken), Chocolate covered bacon (YUM!) and Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches!! Not to mention all of those Chinese and Japanese things Yoko and Anna feed me that they never remember the translation to... So FEB 1 is hourly comic day, and we should all do it. http://www.hourlycomic.com/hourlycomicday.html it will be awesome. I do love John, he s awesome. So I had a recap of today thus far but now Im to mad at LJ. Grr. Today was fine basicly.
How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

I choose this because i locked myself out of my magickzzl  account. lol. Actually I like wererat, I adore werewolves, and i love rats and combining them is awesome. of course when i went to join the rat club with this name it was takin.,.. by a mod... s Im hoodedfurball on there....

I know i just posted but then i saw this. Also, forgot to mention i have been excersizing every day now, woot! but also making poor food choices (bosses keep buying me pizza!!) not terrible, but bad. i am loosing weight though. will fit back into those skinnier bootcuts soon!

OMG HOURLY COMICS!! and Shoddy battle

I TOTALY forgot that january is HOURLY comics from my favorite artist, yep, my fave-


Gatta check it out, its utterly amazingly awesome! So today i got to get up early again and wonder down to Natomas, get Kaylee, drop her at school, will pick her up, and sleep the night there and take er to school. Kats out of town. bet you guessed that. I wish i has brought my laptop, of course no one has an unlocked wifi around here so it does nothing for me... yarg.

Found a deposit in my purse i was supposed to make LAST WEEK. I flipped, threw the Beanie in the car, in Kaylees car seat thats an umf to small and flew to wells fargo. it was only $33 but OMG, I DONT FORGET things like that. What the hell is wrong with me? Takeshi would have fired me. Petco would have fired me. Macys... would have no idea, really. Arg... its kewl, but im so lame... oh well. its done. nothing bounced.

Dude.. Mooto, a red monster on yo gabba gabba is wearing assless chaps. nice.

So last night i hit utter dorkdome and downloaded shoddy battle off smogon. its a java chat program where you can test battle teams before you spend hours building them. I never made it to the battle area, I got cought up in the main room, chatting with people. its was awesome. We decided we need a jamaican/canadian mix president, with a burrito as his vice pres, and he shall wear a pink shirt to get the gay and cancer vote. also, we will build a wall to keep out the illegals, and make it out of senitors. :D epic.

It tis a stormin!

36 MPH wind and constant rain. An actual storm! We lost power last night for like a minute, just enough to mess everything up.

So this AM I headed out to Kats to BE THERE at 6:30 AM. Very early. sorry if you got a 5 am txt from me, I didnt check my messages till this am and just decided to reply before i forgot. Had an interesting conversation via txt today and decided i need to be a BITCH. When I say your not my type, I do mean it. Do not DEMAND anything when you havnt taken any action in 4 encounters. Im terrible and have to stick to my origional plan- No more jobless, carless guys. I said that after the whole Joe inccident. I said that after the whole Gabe Debocle, and Damnit I need to stand by it. I get BORED playing mom. I get angry. I get resentful. I need to keep my life moving forward and i need someone who atleast is trying to MAKE A PLAN, not someone who is just drifting through life. I need ambition. I need someone good looking.. preferably with an accent. like good looking guy next door. God you gatta love a good irish accent. even a faint one.

I DON'T need a project.

Wouldnt you all agree with me? So I guess i need to be a bitch. I just dont want to hurt anyone feelings and I certainly dont want to miss out of other friends. but Im tired of the pity dating, seriosly.

ok, RANT over! So I am gunna pick an idea and run with it and do my childerens book idea for my portfolio and try and do this art thing.. you know, the one I went to school for? lol. I have to skills, I'll make the time. I need to get my ass in gear, I wanted to write a book before Im 25, and thats comin fast!

so ya. I gatta get back to the doodle a day thing Im terrible.

Jolly New Christmakwanzikha

Damn strait. So its like almost a month into the new year and this is my first post. AWESOME. Well, New Years was amazing, spent it at Ericas (thankies hun!) in CH, NOT Colorado (sp? Im lame) and it was amazing. To much food, Baileys and Dr. Tremor (not together)

Christmas was also amazing, Ishah got to meet a more disfunctional family then her own, I got awesome sweatshrits, dragons and much Jewelery, great for my newly girlyness! (Girraffes and DRAGONS!) and made many gifts, still have many to give away.

Since New Years I have many lame excuses for not posting:

1. Brina was a BRAT the first two weeks, not herself at ALL. I mean me yelling and putting her in her room for hours at a time bad.

2. MaryKay weekend! Less pictures then ususal because it was a 4 hour event, but we drove to San Diego and saw uncle Dennis and Dog. will post picts soon

3. Im lazy as hell.

4. Bar hoping is more funt hen blogging. Especially with pretty guys with accents. yum. BTW, to awesome Welsh guy- You sound like Sean Connery so no, YOUR fucking awesome! XD (A welsh guy called me awesome! ME! Fat friend!!! Im SOOO Excited!)

So yes, last weekend Ishah, her friend Alison and I went bar hoping. We took this guy Mark who s supposed to have a crush on me but he's not my type.. and wouldnt talk to me.. and RAN out of Lauries... LAURIES! The BEST BAR EVER! NOT gunna work. lol, but it was super fun, we hit lauries, then headed downtown and hit Streets of London (and met welsh guy and green jacket guy and brtish guy and funny hat guy) then we followed funny hat guy and green jacket guy to the shady lady for Alison. Ishah and Alison got SMASHED, and walked in heels (im Awstruck) No one fell, no one made poor choices and we all got home safe! Uber successful! plus guys bought us drinks. yum.

So yes, this is an update on me. oh almost forgot to annoy Erica ;)

Lvl'd up a battle tower team, i just copy and pasted one off Smogon that won like 200 in a row, and its fabulous. I keep getting walled at battle 39 though, maybe because I keep getting HAX'd or i accidently SpD trained them instead of Speed trained... (Abbreviations are to confusing) Also, I keep getting HAX'd. Really, how does a ROTOM BEAT TYRANITAR?!?! No fing way. ghost/electric vs dark/rock? really? and how does psychic miss not once, not twice, not 6 times, but 10 TIMES IN A ROW with NO WEATHER?!?! against LAPRAS? I understand my thunders missing but COME ON. i finally induced weather and took a darn lapras down with sandstorm Who'da thought Ttar would beat lapras, thats not a good matchup. so yes, boringly standard, with Special Starmie, Offensive TTar and a mixed Garchomp. Mostly the jumpman team, alittle shittier.

Downloaded Lego batman, its AWESOME. really. Highly recomend. but how can you go wrong with legos and batman. seriosly.

PS- there is a clearence thing at Target right now!! Screened (grafic) Ts are $3.25!!! in the mens section! I loaded up! also got a zipper hoodie for $7!!! XD so I dont hane $$ to go get the nice lined hoodie i wanted from kmart, but i have many outfits for work that are cute.


OMG its SNOWING at my house!! :D Snow on Cathys deck, snow on my car, snow on the goats!! And- I forgot my camera -_- NOOO!! Oh well, moms getting pictures :D OMG SNOW!

So, yes, This weekend was fun and busy! Saturday we had a craft show in Lincoln, and its was fun! Paula and Ishah sold things, and I ate tamales and danced to billy idol to avoid freezing myself. :) I did end up with some pumpkin bread, a giraffe hair tie, and fingerless gloves. :D that night i got to go help the 4H with a living nativity! I'll post pictures soon. (youve heard that before!)

Sunday I ate pancakes with mom and the boss' family and we went Christmas tree hunting! it was AWESOME!! so much fun, and mom and i broke down and got a cute, tiny tree :D his name is Nordman, since thats the variety of tree he is. lol.

i was kinda grumpy in the afternoon, so i stayed at Cathys and gamed and watched Kung Fu Hustle. that is a funny, but odd movie. I like the fat lady ;) lol. There was a severe storm warning, so i didnt go see tim :( and of course it was silent till after i went to bed. damn weather mocking me!

Sketch of the day-

Woolie and Baa playing in the snow :D

edit* BTW, Woolie and Baa are sheep not goats for the un-initiated.

Another Sketch a Day

Sketch of the day!

Its only funny if your Paula

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