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Wow, this is still around! If anyone has this bookmarked, RSS fed or what ever the interwebs does these days, I have since moved. Physically and mentally and electronicly :)


So what happened? You just dissapeared? Well... its a loooooong story, so here we go.

The "choices" and "decisions" and "busyness" I kept eluding to were of course a stupid boy. I fell hard and he played along. Things went down hill fast everywhere else too which didnt help my massive co-dependency I delveloped. Misty had to lay me off (No Beanie! :( ) I called my dad out on his drinking and he disowned me, I got evicted, put up, then evicted and ended up living on a couch, in love with a guy who was treating me like shit and was never around, broke and broken. Then my dear car Darlene was stolen. ugh.

Then she was returned! yay! Stupid boy moved to Detroit and told me I should come with him, but on my own (own apartment but we could sleep together when he wanted to) and upon a visit out there I got a job and all seemed to be written out in the stars. So I FUCKING MOVED TO DETROIT!!!

Job turned out to be a lie, boy ended up having a 50 year old fiance (he was 24) and I was alone broken and broke. But I hung in for a year, got an internship at an amazing museum and worked 3 jobs. I made friends, got a cat and a gerbil and the world was alright! Also locked stupid out of my life forever.. and threatened him with bodily harm allegedly... ;)

So after about 8 months of THAT I got accepted to Academy of Art in San Francisco and guess what, I MOVED AGAIN. WOW. So now Im in San Francisco, loving school, meeting amazing people, eating amazing food and basicly being amazing!! lol!! If anyone is still around and wants to hear more ranting, see some art pictures and be awesome, come see me over at blogger!!



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