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Bad choices could be easy

But Im not gunna do that. nope. Im gunna make good, hard choices, because thats what i do :D

Damn its hard being Noble. lol!

Anywho, Went to te Justin Farren performance last night, he was awesome as always. if you havnt head him look him u, he's a local guy whos my hero :D Also listened to another gal whos name i wrote down and dont remember, but she's a sweetheart and damn good to. had a few songs that hit me.

After that Cody Katherine and Nabil got into a debate about gay marrige, which got alittle emotional, and Brandy and I being anti-politics and uncomphortable with emotions went for a walk (downtown mind you, and no, not one text from the boys or Katherine thanks) and we found a Hostle (OMG! totaly staying one night!), a homeless guy who thought we were being attacked (OMG so sweet!!) a GeoCache (XD WOOT!) and a homeless trumpet player I gave my last dollar to :) His name is Sang and he came out from Luisianna after Katerina. He plays AMAZINGLY. So videoing him when i see him again!!! :D

So we wondered back to the group, who didnt notice we were gone (and we had the cars mind you) and when we told them about our adventure they wanted to see it to!! so we did it again, except Homeless Savior was asleep (1 am) and Sang headed home. So I took Nabil home and Brandy took Cody and Katherine. Nabil and I ended up talking till like 4 am, which isnt great as i still had to head home and be up around 6am.... but Im doing just fine today, its tomarrow i feel will suck. Its nice to talk to someone who you dont have to put the filters up with. Especially when you know their with someone and so theres no alterier motives, though i wonder what she would think of our long late night chats... lol, its all innocent but i have already gotten funny looks from some of the other friends. Of course everyone knows Izzy is the world greatest cock block, and so I dont usually even have to say anything to dispell the rumors. lol! GO ME!

It is nice to know some of my friends trust me judgment

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