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"And this is my partner, Gee Buttersnaps"

Im in a MUCH better mood! thanks to all for the comments and text messages :) Its good to know people care. :) thanks guys!

Incase you didnt know by the title of this post, I totaly watched Psyche last night. Dad pissed me off so i forgot to look for the pinapple :( FAIL. But i LOVE Gus' nicknames on that show! :D I wont post any spoilers for those who havnt seen it yet, but its alittle sad.

Brinas in a good mood today aswell! WOOT! Its sunny so we may go to the park later, when its alittle warmer. Tomarrow i get to go to VISAILA!! yay! Today Im making up flyers for Mistys classes she's gunna be teaching, and getting laundry ready for everyone. the kids are gunna be with Papap so they will need lots of jamies! :D

So yes, Im in the denial stage and its quite nice :)


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