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Wow, this is still around! If anyone has this bookmarked, RSS fed or what ever the interwebs does these days, I have since moved. Physically and mentally and electronicly :)

So what happened? You just dissapeared? Well... its a loooooong story, so here we go.

The "choices" and "decisions" and "busyness" I kept eluding to were of course a stupid boy. I fell hard and he played along. Things went down hill fast everywhere else too which didnt help my massive co-dependency I delveloped. Misty had to lay me off (No Beanie! :( ) I called my dad out on his drinking and he disowned me, I got evicted, put up, then evicted and ended up living on a couch, in love with a guy who was treating me like shit and was never around, broke and broken. Then my dear car Darlene was stolen. ugh.

Then she was returned! yay! Stupid boy moved to Detroit and told me I should come with him, but on my own (own apartment but we could sleep together when he wanted to) and upon a visit out there I got a job and all seemed to be written out in the stars. So I FUCKING MOVED TO DETROIT!!!

Job turned out to be a lie, boy ended up having a 50 year old fiance (he was 24) and I was alone broken and broke. But I hung in for a year, got an internship at an amazing museum and worked 3 jobs. I made friends, got a cat and a gerbil and the world was alright! Also locked stupid out of my life forever.. and threatened him with bodily harm allegedly... ;)

So after about 8 months of THAT I got accepted to Academy of Art in San Francisco and guess what, I MOVED AGAIN. WOW. So now Im in San Francisco, loving school, meeting amazing people, eating amazing food and basicly being amazing!! lol!! If anyone is still around and wants to hear more ranting, see some art pictures and be awesome, come see me over at blogger!!


Bad choices could be easy

But Im not gunna do that. nope. Im gunna make good, hard choices, because thats what i do :D

Damn its hard being Noble. lol!

Anywho, Went to te Justin Farren performance last night, he was awesome as always. if you havnt head him look him u, he's a local guy whos my hero :D Also listened to another gal whos name i wrote down and dont remember, but she's a sweetheart and damn good to. had a few songs that hit me.

After that Cody Katherine and Nabil got into a debate about gay marrige, which got alittle emotional, and Brandy and I being anti-politics and uncomphortable with emotions went for a walk (downtown mind you, and no, not one text from the boys or Katherine thanks) and we found a Hostle (OMG! totaly staying one night!), a homeless guy who thought we were being attacked (OMG so sweet!!) a GeoCache (XD WOOT!) and a homeless trumpet player I gave my last dollar to :) His name is Sang and he came out from Luisianna after Katerina. He plays AMAZINGLY. So videoing him when i see him again!!! :D

So we wondered back to the group, who didnt notice we were gone (and we had the cars mind you) and when we told them about our adventure they wanted to see it to!! so we did it again, except Homeless Savior was asleep (1 am) and Sang headed home. So I took Nabil home and Brandy took Cody and Katherine. Nabil and I ended up talking till like 4 am, which isnt great as i still had to head home and be up around 6am.... but Im doing just fine today, its tomarrow i feel will suck. Its nice to talk to someone who you dont have to put the filters up with. Especially when you know their with someone and so theres no alterier motives, though i wonder what she would think of our long late night chats... lol, its all innocent but i have already gotten funny looks from some of the other friends. Of course everyone knows Izzy is the world greatest cock block, and so I dont usually even have to say anything to dispell the rumors. lol! GO ME!

It is nice to know some of my friends trust me judgment
Tanooki Suit

Exhausted but good

Damn. Im the last.... 4? 5 weeks I really havnt slept. I wouldnt trade it for anything though. I have been having a blast. But now some of the shits gunna be hitting the fan and Im going to be making some big girl decisions. I have to. Arg.

I logged into facebook. OMG!!! so ya. its took me loosing my phone and trying to locate it for me to do it, but I'll try and log in more regularly. here to. lol. It turns out that DAMN i have alot of friends! :D makes me happy and alittle intimidated. dont ask me why.

VGC's are coming, and Auburn goat show is coming. yay!!

Got some sheep shorn, lots of pictures on facebook thanks to my friend Nabil, and possibly Brandy if she gets off her ass :D love you chicka.

I keep crying at random songs :(
Oh my

And Ive been slacking apparently!

Sorry for the hiatus! Got busy around here. Lets see, what has happened since February? ALOT. Let me try and sum this up fast.. lol...

I went on a few dates with a GUY (Ha at those who claimed i was gunna be an angry lesbian!), and am free again. Had another conference, WHICH WAS AMAZING! Career con, and got to meet some of my heros, and got YELLED at by a hero into getting some fucking self esteem, lol! Wake up call!!! Got grafics customers, sang songs at kareoki that require SINGING! Made some awesome new friends, almost siblings at this point. Went to a goat show. Got a friend to COME to a goat show. Lost at said goat show, but got invited to the BBQ and Margarita fest afterwords (woot!) Found out my friend with the brain tumor is doing better (WOOT!) Found out how stupid I am by mixing alchahol and my inhaler (BAD.) and how smart i can be by figureing out some things in my life. Saw two of my friends perform in their bands for the first time, and both were AWESOME! its fun knowing people in the band. Basicly i have gotten to know people in my life better, and let some that were closer to their own thing. Im not worried, true friends always come back, and new friends are always awesome!

So its been quite an adventure!
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"And this is my partner, Gee Buttersnaps"

Im in a MUCH better mood! thanks to all for the comments and text messages :) Its good to know people care. :) thanks guys!

Incase you didnt know by the title of this post, I totaly watched Psyche last night. Dad pissed me off so i forgot to look for the pinapple :( FAIL. But i LOVE Gus' nicknames on that show! :D I wont post any spoilers for those who havnt seen it yet, but its alittle sad.

Brinas in a good mood today aswell! WOOT! Its sunny so we may go to the park later, when its alittle warmer. Tomarrow i get to go to VISAILA!! yay! Today Im making up flyers for Mistys classes she's gunna be teaching, and getting laundry ready for everyone. the kids are gunna be with Papap so they will need lots of jamies! :D

So yes, Im in the denial stage and its quite nice :)
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Writer's Block: Unfriended, Unspecified!

Has anyone ever unfriended you without explanation? Did you ask why? Have you ever deleted someone from your friend list without saying why?

Yep. In real life and online. Its usually i shot my mouth off and didn't realize that I had offended someone, which if they really thought about it, I never intend to offend people, Im not a subtle person. But It happens. Actually happened quite a bit in 2009, actually everyone seemed to do it all at the same time to, which is stressful for someone who is as insecure as I am, but what I learned from it is:

A. They get to think what they want, I can change it
2. Fuck it, If I was mad at them i would tell them and I SOOO dont need drama
C. I dont need to associate with people who are willing to toss me out because of a single comment, or opinion. It may hurt for a while, but Im better off in the long run
4. They usually come back. I dont even have to do anything. And I know for the future that our friendship isnt what i thought it was.

Damn that sounds bitter. But One of my goals is to associate with positive people who are moving forward. I dont need to be slowed down by people looking for babying and pity, and I dont need to get drug into unneccisary drama. :)

Its cold today. and foggy. it was so nice about 8 am, all sunny here, then the fog rolled in. :( Brina was TERRIBLE yesterday and spent most of the day in her room. Today she's better, thank goodness.

I found an awesome coffee shop last night, Maestro, between works. The owner, Sam was working the counter and is a sweetheart. nice older japanese man. They have an art gallery in there and are looking for local artists! So Im gunna email the person who runs the gallery for him, he gave it up a while ago i guess (I dont blame him, artists are NUTS), but he seemed really interested in printmaking! WOOT! I may even be able to demo for him as second saturday! Also, the coffee was EXCELLENT (English Toffee Mocha make an awesome dinner btw)

So theres a rumor going around mom may move in with Tess and Johnny, which means I'll need to find a place to go also. If this comes through, craigslist here I come :( I'd always hoped I would know what i was doing in my life, but nope!

**EDIT- Oh ya, Clue Rat Died this morning. she had a stroke or something, found her last night and so i put her in the mouse cage to pass in peace without Trouble trying to eat her face... So Im rat hunting tonight prolly. :( Rest easy little Clue-bunny, you were a good girl.

Double Post Again- Good Bad and Ugly

My Grandmother (MY Nana, the one who made all the "creepy" dolls in my livingroom) has congestive heart failier and pnumonia, on top of her obesity and diabetes. She's in the hospital in Idaho. This isnt going to end well.

Grey area
Moms trusting Johnny to change the tranny fluid in my accord. This isnt going to end well.

I just ran 1.6 miles on the eliptical to vent frustration, and according to spark people thats 207 calories burned! WOOT!

I has a theme song, it seems fitting for me.

The Ugly

Statefarm called about the thanksgiving accident. -_- oi.

So, for my super hero, for me to become when things are bad, which is better?


Raodkill Hat


Im feeling alittle better, so im just in regular tired sad/annoyed mood now. much improved! Lol, Last night was the MK meeting and it was awesome, as always. its so good for me, getting to be around successfull people who are positive and DOING things, GOING places.

Fri am we're leaving for another Catherina retreat, its actualy a MAC area retreat, so 2 other areas will be there as well, which means LOTS of Mary Kay, Lots of positivity and LOTS of skits with those lovely ladies whom you all seemed to like as Dorathy and Glinda way back at the retreat in October(?) It will be fun, we leave friday, drive to Visailia, retreat away, come home sunday, Im sleeping at Nanas then riding my bike to work on monday am! Im super pumped!! :D

BTW, while we're driving home mom is gunna drive to LA and get me a transmission from Uncle Dennis!!!! ! ! AWESOME! Amazing. I love it!

So yesterday ended up going well. I was tired and grouchy but it was good. lots of drama from lots of people. BTW, as a generality to ALL who occasionally read this, Im not dumb, when you pussy foot around a subject its a sign of guilt, Im not going to shame you or yell or scream, just relentlessly torment :) But most of you know that, especially those who have known me for a long time, right Erica and Paula? lol. Poor Paula, hunny, I'll call you in alittle bit, but it sounds like you survived your night! Hopefully we dont have to make you a resume, but we can and get you a better job if need be! :D

I ate well, made good choices food wise and even worked out alittle bit (a VERY little bit, but worked off the equivilant of a Dr Pepper! :D) Today Im gunna try and do a longer session on the eliptical, i have been doing 10-30 minutes every day, but i have been doing it on quick start, so no "hills". Yesterday i did hills and its a bit trickier! i just need to get back into shape. but i have a low cal lunch, all measured and every thing! and have one for tomarrow! :D

God im all broken out from the stress. so im fat and pimply. lol, i should take a before picture for myself so i can feel UBER sweet when i hit my goal!! :D but i microdermed this morning in the shower and it way helped! took down alit of the swelling and redness. Goodness i love haveing good products available.

If you havnt Clickylinked, CLICK DAMNIT!

its AWSOME. lol.

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