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And Ive been slacking apparently!

Sorry for the hiatus! Got busy around here. Lets see, what has happened since February? ALOT. Let me try and sum this up fast.. lol...

I went on a few dates with a GUY (Ha at those who claimed i was gunna be an angry lesbian!), and am free again. Had another conference, WHICH WAS AMAZING! Career con, and got to meet some of my heros, and got YELLED at by a hero into getting some fucking self esteem, lol! Wake up call!!! Got grafics customers, sang songs at kareoki that require SINGING! Made some awesome new friends, almost siblings at this point. Went to a goat show. Got a friend to COME to a goat show. Lost at said goat show, but got invited to the BBQ and Margarita fest afterwords (woot!) Found out my friend with the brain tumor is doing better (WOOT!) Found out how stupid I am by mixing alchahol and my inhaler (BAD.) and how smart i can be by figureing out some things in my life. Saw two of my friends perform in their bands for the first time, and both were AWESOME! its fun knowing people in the band. Basicly i have gotten to know people in my life better, and let some that were closer to their own thing. Im not worried, true friends always come back, and new friends are always awesome!

So its been quite an adventure!

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