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Writer's Block: Unfriended, Unspecified!

Has anyone ever unfriended you without explanation? Did you ask why? Have you ever deleted someone from your friend list without saying why?

Yep. In real life and online. Its usually i shot my mouth off and didn't realize that I had offended someone, which if they really thought about it, I never intend to offend people, Im not a subtle person. But It happens. Actually happened quite a bit in 2009, actually everyone seemed to do it all at the same time to, which is stressful for someone who is as insecure as I am, but what I learned from it is:

A. They get to think what they want, I can change it
2. Fuck it, If I was mad at them i would tell them and I SOOO dont need drama
C. I dont need to associate with people who are willing to toss me out because of a single comment, or opinion. It may hurt for a while, but Im better off in the long run
4. They usually come back. I dont even have to do anything. And I know for the future that our friendship isnt what i thought it was.

Damn that sounds bitter. But One of my goals is to associate with positive people who are moving forward. I dont need to be slowed down by people looking for babying and pity, and I dont need to get drug into unneccisary drama. :)

Its cold today. and foggy. it was so nice about 8 am, all sunny here, then the fog rolled in. :( Brina was TERRIBLE yesterday and spent most of the day in her room. Today she's better, thank goodness.

I found an awesome coffee shop last night, Maestro, between works. The owner, Sam was working the counter and is a sweetheart. nice older japanese man. They have an art gallery in there and are looking for local artists! So Im gunna email the person who runs the gallery for him, he gave it up a while ago i guess (I dont blame him, artists are NUTS), but he seemed really interested in printmaking! WOOT! I may even be able to demo for him as second saturday! Also, the coffee was EXCELLENT (English Toffee Mocha make an awesome dinner btw)

So theres a rumor going around mom may move in with Tess and Johnny, which means I'll need to find a place to go also. If this comes through, craigslist here I come :( I'd always hoped I would know what i was doing in my life, but nope!

**EDIT- Oh ya, Clue Rat Died this morning. she had a stroke or something, found her last night and so i put her in the mouse cage to pass in peace without Trouble trying to eat her face... So Im rat hunting tonight prolly. :( Rest easy little Clue-bunny, you were a good girl.

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